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Take care, unicat it's just a fake, they lie to everybody, the are going in insolvency for the second time in 2 years.
Much more nice and friendly company, have a look on www.actionmobil.com

Jaimie Hall  Bruzenak

I have not investigated Unicat since I'm not in the market for that type of rig! :-) The Actionmobile products look interesting too. A potential buyer should compare and check out both companies in more detail. Thanks for the info.


Avi Meyers

Unicat has built and delivered four US street-legal vehicles. All of them have been performing well and the owners are happy with their choices. ActionMobil, on the other hand, has not built one vehicle on a US street-legal chassis and to my knowledge has no intention of doing so.
My personal vehicle is a Unicat built on an International 7400 4X4 extended cab chassis. So far I've driven it through Europe, Morocco (including the Sahara and Atlas Mountains), several times to Baja, Mexico, and a couple of times across the US. The vehicle is extremely well and beautifully built. It has performed superbly under all conditions and the only problems I've had to date are a failed A/C unit and the muffler got torn off while off-roading. I love my vehicle and would not trade it for any other vehicle on the planet!


I have an Unicat. I'm very unhappy with this truck. I would not buy it anymore.
It is very expensive. The management of the company bad. They are aiming to take as much money as possible from you. But they do their job very bad. Long delivery time 2 year an more. Bad quality. I had seveal failure in my new truck.
I can not recomend unicat.

Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

Thanks for letting us know your experience with this company.


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