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From what I understand you would need to have a water heater and a sink at least to be considered a RV plus maybe a port o potty. Very neat looking little unit. I am not sure if I could handle something this small though. The RV requirements for a Park Model RV being under 400 square feet would make me still desire 399 square feet in order to have the largest park model possible. 399 is very livable and even for month or multiple month trips.

Jaimie Hall  Bruzenak

I think you're right about the sink, at least, and a toilet. Not sure if a porta pottie would qualify. So, you'd have to consider that if you wanted to put it in a mobile home/RV park.

14 x 8 is a pretty small space to cram all that in! It wouldn't even be half of 400. I guess it suits some people, though.


Mike Pressel

Do you have a complete itemized listing of parts along with patterns to Start the masterpiece that one could be very well on their way to "home away from home"

Jaimie Hall  Bruzenak

Check this website - http://www.singtinyhouse.com/How_to_build.php It shows the steps. Apparently you can purchase the pieces. Contact them and maybe you can get an itemized list and then find the materials yourself.

Good luck!

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