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kathy and royce ringer

i like to know if you are homeless how can i get one of the fema trailers for me and my husband

Jan Parrish

I would like to get a small travel trailer at a very low cost or free. Maybe someone has one they no longer use or need. I will come pick up if not too far away.

Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

Keep your eye on Craig's List. I have actually passed a couple alongside the road that were giveaways.


Nancy Olsen

I am going to loose my home due to some hardships, and BofA will not work with me, I'm disabiled, but ok, need a small 19 or 20 light weight due to a small truck. Please don't have a lot of money but don't expect it free, but can't pay much. thank you. I want to have a home..and an RV would be ideal. Im just south of Tacoma, Wa.

Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

Good luck, Nancy. I hope something turns up for you.


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