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Mike Goad

It's not the same as an apartment rental nor even a hotel stay, in my view.

Since they take their home with them when they are evicted, it's not like they are losing their abode. They are simply losing a place to park, in my view, and connection to utilities. It might be a bit of a hardship if they were workcampers and there was nothing else in the area, but it's still not a residence that they are being evicted from.

Of course, since we're not inclined to spend more than a couple of weeks in one location when we're traveling, my views may different than what they'd be if we were spending a whole season in our camper in one location.

Jaimie Hall  Bruzenak

Yes, it is not quite the same as a hotel or apartment rental. You might very well feel differently if you were planning to stay a whole season for one reason or other and had to leave.

I can see both sides. I do believe a business owner should be able to run their business the way they want - to a point. In many states, once a tenant gets in, it can be very difficult to get rid of them- even if they are disruptive or don't pay.


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