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Warrren Hall

If I'm enrout to somewhere I'll look for a real boondock spot, most offten however I end up Dry camping in a parking lot. If an Escapees park is availible that would be a 1st choice, no hassle, friendly, and priced right. I stay away from commerical CGs, just not worth the hassle and cost.

Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

We do tend to have a hierarchy of choices for parking but we don't always get our favorites. Good point!



We prefer public campgrounds, which we don't consider boondocking, though often it IS truly dry camping as there are no hookups. By public campgrounds, I mean state parks, national parks, national forests, etc. -- any campground owned by a public entity, including local, county, state, and federal.

I was surprised that wasn't an option on your poll.

Dee Walter

We also use a lot of military campgrounds.

Liz Bard

A lot depends on where we are at the time. If we are near military, we try to stay there as the cost is perfect for retirees and it benefits other military people. We have also discovered there are some Elk's that allow you to stop at their lodges for a nominal fee ($10 donation) and even some VFW posts. Some will let you hook up electricity or water. This usually happens if we have been delayed due to weather (high winds, heavy rain, etc.)

Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

It looks like I could have had a lot more choices! Thanks for sharing. I did add public campgrounds, though I haven't gotten it to show up.

Thanks for your comments.


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