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I currently live in a 32' class C motorhome, which gives me under 200 square feet of living space. It feels more spacious than a 450 square foot apartment I lived in for a winter.

This is because my RV is separated into a number of rooms with proper doors (office, dressing room, toilet room, kitchen/entrance/living roof, plus the bed over the cab hidden by thick curtains). Each room has a unique function and is decorated slightly differently so I don't feel like I am living in one room day in and day out (important when you work from home).

I also am not in denial about living in a small space and have furnished my home accordingly. It isn't stuffed to the gills and I have made room for the things that matter most to me. Lack of clutter + ability to pursue beloved hobbies = no feeling of entrapment.

It helps that my home has many large windows and sky lights. I always make sure to park in a way that I get a view outside of my office windows.

My microhome is easy and inexpensive to maintain. I can't imagine myself ever living in a space bigger than 500 square feet ever again.

A tour of my RV is available on YouTube for those interested. I'm not sure if I can't post a link to the two videos so search for "tour of my rv" and they'll come right up.

Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

I love your attitude and how you have made your RV, however small, your home. Plus you take advantage of the big outdoors so it doesn't feel like you are living in a small place.



I live in a 20ft Class C (and have done for five years). Actual living space is about 100sf. Nothing is closed off, including the bathroom (there is a curtain), but I live alone so there's no need. I took down the door and the cabover curtains because they chopped up the space and sightlines too much. Now everything is a step or two away and I have large side windows with a nice view. I'm not at all claustrophobic, which probably helps. Who knows how I'll feel if I move into something larger -- I may have "space anxiety."

Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

That is small but it sounds like you have fixed it up to maximize the space plus make it feel more spacious. Good for you! It sounds small - and it provides for all you needs.


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