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Wandrin Lloyd

Although I recently stopped full timing, this is a subject that has been brought up many times in those thirteen years. Don't you get lonely. Don't you get bored. How do you share the wonder. Perhaps this introvert is just a different person. Those questions come from a different perspective. Traveling solo meant there was no negotiation. All decisions were mine. It was enjoyable thirteen years. No regrets. Not much has changed since I have permanent digs. I continue to explore and hike as a solo.

Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

There are certainly pros and cons of traveling with a partner. You do have a social network to satisfy your need for company when you desire it. I think that's important- whether you are an introvert or social butterfly!


Liz Bard

We still get into arguments when one or both of us is hungry. At least by having the RV we can have food that is allowed on his diet. After we have eaten, we are back to communicating.

We love to travel and since we don't have satellite radio, we discuss more and remember other trips we talked about after seeing a TV program, movie or a book. We try to keep a list of new places to explore on our "bucket list".

Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

It certainly helps when you have identified the cause of arguments and can do something about it. And, having food readily accessible that is allowed is an advantage of the RV lifestyle. It sounds like RVing has given you more to talk about. Wonderful! Jaimie

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